Making Hook Line Sinker

Hey, check this out.

This is what I call the cover card for our game Hook, Line & Sinker. At the time of writing this, I’m still testing this game, but I like this aesthetic for the game, and unless it tests badly for use, it’s probably going to stay this way.

I made this. This is my art. I’m really happy with how it looks, and I figured I’d like to show the process I went through to make this card, this specific card. Below the fold, then, is a step-by-step process of showing how I made this, and this is very close to my first look. This was all done with like, basic tools that you can find in most every graphics program.

Start with a white circle. We’re going to be alternating white-black to set up the off-kilter ‘spiralling in’ feeling.

Then a bigger, black circle, on a lower layer. We’re going to be building ‘down’ – putting layers under these rather than over them.
Repeat, but notice that the gap in size here is kinda distinctly bigger. We don’t want these circles to feel too similar in size.

And this one got real big by comparison, and then the next few steps:

Now we grab that layer of colour we were building on, and pull it up on top of all these layers, and set it to multiply. So now all the white takes on this redness.

Now, because these white sections are all their own levels, we can go to each one and put down a texture (in this case, I made newsprint dots with built-in GIMP filters).

And that’s that. Then we just slap our text on top, which if you don’t want to scroll up, looks like this:
Ain’t that cool?