Madden And The Gross Territorial Nerd

December last year I went on a little rant about Madden, a rant that was spurred by the one and only Jeb Wrench talking about how he likes those games. I’ve since considered making a larger blog post about it, but it either boils down to a simple one-sentence summary or just eventually results in me restating the tweets.

So I’m going to do both.

Here’s the sentence: Don’t Be A Gross Territorial Nerd. You don’t own gaming and game spaces, and the people who play games that you don’t like deserve to play games too. Games are for everyone. Games are for the Madden player who buys one game a year and they’re for the person who downloads every free title they can. Games are for everyone and everyone includes people who commit the sin of liking sports.

The actual tweets are below the fold, for easy finding later.

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