But also, please don’t assume that people are trying to be arseholes just because they get sick of having another culture’s sports hype regularly overwhelm their shared online space. I don’t resent Madden because I hate sports (because I don’t, really) or jocks (even though I generally do), I resent Madden because I get frustrated with the constant assumption that the USA’s things are everybody’s things.

And, more importantly, the impression from outside gaming* that the Madden base is the same as (or even particularly similar to) the nerdgaming base, because while both are legitimate “gamers”, that only serves to illustrate how “gamer” when NOT being used possessively has basically become a meaningless term.

I recognise, however, that none of that is the fault of people who enjoy Madden (or actual American football), and that all any of wants to do is enjoy our games. It’s not gonna end my life and it’s not reasonable if I go out of my way to be a jerk about it, and in any case the public understanding of gaming groups will improve over time.

Buuuut I do continue to hope that people will at least consider what it is that bothers me.

(*Not speaking strictly about people who don’t play games, which is basically nobody, but rather people for whom gaming is not particularly important.)