Lovin’ Christmas

Because it’s something fun, you might not be surprised to learn that I had a hard time coming to terms with enjoying Christmas. As much as I enjoy anything, really – but Christmas at home was an anxious time when I had to borrow money from my parents to buy them presents – money they didn’t really have. When I left home, it was an additional expense we didn’t have room or time to celebrate – when you work in hotels, unsurprisingly, other peoples’ travel overwhelms your holiday plans and there isn’t much you can do about that.

Sometime between then and now, as I’ve gone up and down, it’s strangely been this song that shakes me when I feel the holidays creeping in. They sing about a Christmas totally unlike my own, but it’s that line in the chorus: it never lets me act like I don’t care.

It’s very, very easy to act like I don’t care about things. So much so I do it by default.

Christmas… well, I can care about Christmas. Let’s start there.

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