Steam sale – Eversion

Okay, real quick because the game is real quick and the price is real low, Eversion is a fantastic platform game with a clever narrative and deliberately manipulative defiance of your expectations. It is two dollars and it is great. It has multiple endings and a princess to rescue from a castle – if you have only two dollars, this game is probably better than anything else you could spend it on today. I’d go into more (and may in the future), but Eversion is an example of the kind of fantastic game being produced by funny, imaginative, interesting thinkers in the videogame industry that deserves to be rewarded with money so that very thinker can become a fat, bloated sellout who spends more time watching DotA tournaments than actually producing Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Erm, I got a bit lost there. Anyway, on the principle of ‘this game deserves rewards,’ I wish to recommend you take Eversion on. It’s a great game and does heaps with its very limited resources.

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