Like a Shotgun

The weight of imagination is what hits you in the stomach in the middle of the night when you realise a thing is going to happen in your lifetime, a thing you cannot avoid or escape, a thing that is going to express itself in a variety of ways that make sense to you, that loom on the horizon of your senses, and that your only way to avoid such dreadful and horrendous loss is to inflict an equal loss upon another.

Please stay safe and be happy, my friends. You are all so very precious to me and I love you all.


  1. Hey, man. Hey. The Return of the Scarlet Empress is just a suggested outcome, not an absolute. No big deal.

  2. I am probably going to die within the next twenty years! So get as much of me as you can, or something.

    … if not dead, then you know, very not well. :O

  3. Dont worry, I fully intend to live forever :) It may require brain-in-jar science, but hey, that’s better than the alternative :p

    1. But IS IT? Dr Klein! The bottle!

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