Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

Real quick here! Videogames news. Turns out that a non-violent videogame which features character customisation and social mechanics expressing relationships including rivalry can do really well! And all it took to get people talking about that kind of thing was the endorsement of and attention of Kim Freaking Kardashian!

While you’re talking about videogames that are in this vein, have you considered maybe treating Twine and visual novels a bit more seriously? Or are they too much Not A Game for your tastes?

All these horrible people spouting their idiotic unthoughts about fucking videogames journalisms, all these Johnny-come-latelies (and they’re almost certainly Johnnies), getting all het up about unrelated nonsense.

Excuse me, I’ll be in the angry dome.

Hang on what the fuck is Willow Pape doing h-

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