June Shirt I: Pride Shields

Hey, who likes Superheroes? And flags?

Well do I have a post for you!

I started on this design to make a trans flag Captain America shield. Then I decided it was a bit mean to just pick the trans flag, because there are other good queer flags, but then I thought what, am I gunna make like, eight shirts just repeating on this one theme? Seemed like it’d be time consuming and tedious and involve bulk uploading problems.

And it did.

Here we go!

And here the designs are on our friendly gormless supposedly unisex Redbubble model:

And here’s the design being modelled by the Teepublic ghost:

As you can see, this design is on a variety of shirts and colours. My advice is to make sure whatever you get it on has high contrast with the outside colour of your shirt. White shirts don’t tend to wear washes well so I recommend you get a solid colour that matches your flag of choice.

You can get this design on Redbubble or on Teepublic (Trans flag, Lesbian flag, Intersex flag, Genderqueer flag, Enby flag, Bi flag, Asexual flag, and Autochorissexual flag).