If I Were Peter Molyneux 5

A deliberately retro-engine FPS stealth-sniper game (wow, I like stealth game ideas) where the in-between mission briefings are delivered in the form of scribbled notes from the protaganist’s briefings. The deliberate exclusion of any non-enemy NPCs is there to leave the character feeling alone but empowered, with only one gun and a very limited set of options for combat. The player character creeps around a ruined city with a foreign language cast of NPCs, with only the notes in the book to provide any greater context for what they are doing, including translation notes of the things that he’s heard and read. He speaks of his briefings, speaks of the people who he’s fighting for.

The story plays out with the revelation that the player character is quite derangedly nuts and the people he’s hunting are the key leaders of military operations, but of both sides, and he’s been constructing an elaborate narrative to explain simply taking out targets he dislikes because of an irrational hatred of hats.


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