Infinite Vastness

Journey of the Sorcerer - Eagles

It lay before the sorcerer as he stood on his fixed point of nothing, seeming still but knowing that he stood in a swirling place that whorled onwards through space at millions of miles per hour, momentum of a galaxy behind him while he hesitated, for now, before his dive, plunging headlong into the mists and grey spaces of the galaxy before him, at speeds literally impossible.

This is music that bends itself impossibly tight in my mind to the concept of space. It’s the song of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s the music of the spheres, it’s eternal and it’s strangely isolated. I used to listen to it sitting in the car while my dad and mum talked and socialised after church, and I spun stories about sharks that punched and bears that sang, in a little dark space, with no lights, to nobody.