Some additional things:

– Elections are on Tuesday, which for most people, is a work day.

– The laws requiring employers to allow workers time off for voting vary by state, and most of those laws only provide for 2-3 hours of time for voting. Many of those laws do not require that the time off be paid–only that the employee must be allowed to go and can’t be penalized for taking the time.

– Standard polling times are 7 AM to 7 PM. Some states have early voting or absentee voting for anyone who wants it, but not all of them do. And since early voting tends to be used mostly for demographics that tend to vote Democrat, the Republican state legislatures have been actively trying to roll back any gains in early voting regulations.

– The actual date is squirrely. Yes, it’s a Tuesday, it moves. The actual date is “the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November,” which means it could be either the first OR second Tuesday of the month, any date from Nov 2-8. People trying to suppress the vote take advantage of the inevitable confusion by distributing messages saying that voting day is on the wrong date.

– Most of the electronic voting machines do NOT generate any kind of paper record showing how you voted. It’s all in the (highly hackable) data. Oh, and of course the codes are trade secrets and can’t be revealed.

– I could go on for days, but suddenly I need to cry and hit something while vomiting.