How To Talk To Your Trans Dude Friends About Boobs

One thing that exhausts trans people and wastes a lot of their time is explaining Some Of The Most Basic Stuff. I try to make sure I offer some basic explanations of things, not because I have special insight, but just as a basic footing. And this time, we’re going to real quick talk about how you, a cis boy, should approach talking to your trans boy friends, about their boobs – not boobs in general, but their boobs, this is important.


Okay, no, that’s not helpful. It is – you really don’t need to ask your friend about his boobs because, let’s face it, there’s lots of things you don’t ask your friends about and really, how interested are you in how your friends’ bits get sweaty? But anyway, let’s take it as a given that you’re going to open your mouth and try and Have A Conversation.

And at some point, trying to be supportive, you may say something along these lines:

Gosh, shame you have to get rid of your boobs, though!”

Now at this point you are basically opening a choose your own adventure book with two very simple paths ahead of you.

If you’re sad because you liked those boobs and you will miss seeing them around, turn to page Don’t be a donkus because that’s treating the bodies of your friends like they are wallpaper for your aesthetic appeal and that’s kind of how people with boobs are told they need to expect the world to treat them, and that sucks and you don’t want to be part of that!

If you’re sad because you can’t imagine someone who had boobs wanting to get rid of them because hey, if they were your boobs, you’d be super upset and you really think it’s natural that everyone out there wants boobs, right, and so if you had boobs you’d fight tooth and nail to keep them and and and you might be a girl and could look into that.

Hope this helped!

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