Help Me With My Homework!

Hey, friends! For one of my classes this semester I’m doing a bit of a research project on what kind of barriers and problems people face using public-space media consumption (ie, the cinema) and how they feel about digital distribution networks (ie Netflix or Filthy Filthy Piracy).

For this I’d really hope to catch someone from a space that’s not immediately here, because the whole point of digital distribution is remoteness. I know a few of you don’t go to the movies for reasons, and I’d love to put together a little interview with you to talk about it.

Chances are it’ll probably be only about 4-5 minutes of actual interview talk that gets crunched down. If maybe four people sign up, that’ll be at most two minutes of audio interview with them.

Just something to think about!

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  1. You know where to find me.

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