Happy Birthday, Fiora!

Let me speak to you today of the Princess from the Moon.

Fiora is my friend. She is a kind, sweet, thoughtful and intelligent person, a bright mind in technology and important enough that someone at my university brought her up without ever realising I knew her personally. There are things she does with computers that I don’t understand (deep wizardry) and there are things she does with computers that I do understand (awful puns). And today, Fiora had a birthday, in her time zone.

I wish I’d known, I wish I’d made something, I wish I’d had something to share. Because she is special and lovely, and she deserves to hear it shouted from the rooftops. All I have here are some pictures I made, when I found a manga character that looked amazingly like her. Edited manga, to reflect her fun nature, the things she’s said to me about her work, and how great it is to count her amongst my friends.

All of this, and one more:

The Princess

Happy Birthday, O Princess From The Moon.

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