Half a year

I try to only put up one thing on Tuesdays, the story. That’s not because it’s the only thing I work on on a Tuesday, but rather because I rather hope that doing so will avoid distracting focus from it, and increase its chances of being read. I also try to avoid commenting within the stories in any way that detracts from them, barring for the one comment under Brown Mask.

26 weeks represents half a year, and considering the things that have laid me low in this year, I find myself looking back on January, and reflecting that it was basically as bad as a year could get for me personally, failing to consider that the teetering on the edge of death my mother had done had been only a precursor to what worse things could transpire now that cancer had drawn my family closer together.

2013 has had some good things in it. I do not want to mislead anyone, I do not want to downplay anyone’s efforts to cheer me, or anyone’s creative gifts that they have given me. But it is a sad man that slinks down into his position in his bed, with an emptier house and a fearful heart for his family.

I will continue to try, I will continue to create. I do not want to stop doing what I have begun. I do not want to undo this year nor do I regret decisions I have made this year, with one or two tiny exceptions. Thank you all for being my friends.

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