Hackagong Progress

Ignoring for a moment that part of this day has involved willingly watch as men locked the doors in a room that was full of people singing along to Kenny Loggins, the hackathon (what a stupid fucking word) has been relatively sucessful.

We started with four people, and upgrade to five thanks to the presence of the amazing Geoff, who I will spare being mentioned on my blog until I’m sure he wants to hear it. Around us, there are people making e-governance websites, facebook replacements (hah), pushing the limits of what kind of functional devices they can create with 3d Printing Technology, and then there’s us, life’s nonnovators, instead pushing the boundaries of what kind of stupid bullshit you can do with enough boredom and a passion for videogames.

What we’re making is a 3d-printable tabletop game. Rather than buy a game board and miniatures, you buy a small plan, for the core rules, and the plans for a ‘crew’ you like. The crew come with plans for your dice, your half of the game board, and your playing pieces. The entire thing can be printed, and folds up into an easily carried box you can stick in your pocket.

I’m stunned that it’s gone so well. It helps that everyone else in the group is capable of really knuckling down and getting some impressive stuff done if they have a simple goal and the minimum of distractions presented by the environment we have.

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