Hackagong Post-Game

Thanks to our project being put in the top ten (WHY), we were asked to turn up for the developer’s day to pitch our idea to business leaders in the area and people who like investing in things. Think like a much wussier version of Dragon’s Den where the dragons are all quite personable. I was told I had to deliver a three minute presentation, and we put together a powerpoint slide set for it.

Thanks to my teammates, who were able to put the stuff together in the understanding that they please please please not have to stand in front of a crowd of a hundred people and talk about how great we are, That’s fine! What happened was that we had five minutes, and before our piece, I watched as four other contestants stood up and talked about business plans and monetisation and the like.

It sort of belied my presentation, which was much more in the vein of ‘LOOKIT THE COOL THING!’

And by the way, it is a very cool thing. Imagine if Magic The Gathering was distributed by 3d-Printable transformers. Anyway, the guy who I most wanted to win won, the guy who most deserved to win for his work also won, and the two groups I felt were just a leeeetle bit evil didn’t win. So that was grand.

Also, shout outs to the Repair My Road guys who really should have thought to answer the question of incentives with “People are fussbudgets.”

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