Hackagong Denoument

I wish I’d been there to see the judges. It was strange that we didn’t.

Fox and myself, as mere mortals and not impervious to the cold, stayed up all night doing poster design, completing the rules set and doing some beta testing. By the time the morning had arrived, I was cold, I was hungry, and I wanted to sleep. Hour twenty-eight, when Pendix turned back up, we did some preliminary hand over stuff, and went home. I went to bed, figuring that was that, and we’d done everything. Pendix wanted to try – one more time! – to get the prototype printed.

Pendix just left, me in my pajamas, and left behind our $1500 prize for our prototype.

So there’s that.


  1. So now you can go to a restaurant, and the waiter will bring out a whole fish with diamonds for eyes and dollar bills stuffed in its mouth, and for the benefit of the other diners you’ll loudly and ostentatiously declare, “I always order the CASH of the day!”

    1. Oh, and no – the prize is $1500 dollars’ worth of 3D printing, meaning that I have won 0 dollars, because I have no interest in nor need for any 3D printing.

  2. but . . . We Won! Woooooooo! We are awesome!

  3. For $1500 you had better come up with something. That’s too much money to let go to waste.

  4. You won the most expensive and best kind of legos, man.

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