HACK! Cute Programmers’ Club, Season 3

Episode list below the fold!

Episode 1
Transfer Control Protocols!
With the Easter break past, the midyear transfers from other schools begin. The founding members have to put together a form for ways to join the club, in preparation for Club Day – which is complicated by all the new students who want to join HACK being friends of club members already! Little Cory’s finally transferred, but who is this mysterious girl with the glasses who hides behind her hair?

Episode 2
Kitten Burglars
After the ‘raid’ on Senior Programmers, where everything went better than expected, Mispy and the HACK club are no closer to uncovering the terrifying Oh Ex’s machinations! Worse, they realise that the computer Ael’s been using to compile image-macro sorting software is the one that was thrown at him last semester – meaning that Ael and the other clubbers have stolen! Uwaaah! While some club members embrace their new stylish thief persona, the other half panic trying to return the computer to its owner!

Episode 3
System Stalled
How the heck are the club going to make a stall for Club’s day? It’s mandatory for clubs to be present, but nobody in the club knows anything about carpentry. The club discuss different ways to construct a stall – including 3D printing, using Oculus Rift consoles, hacking everyone’s smartphones as they walk past an access point – thanks, Catherine! – Shuffles does what Shuffles knows how to do! Who is this mysterious stranger with a hammer, who can help?!

Episode 4
Oh Ex’s Disdain
Club day is here! Mispy explains the way the stall works to the other club members, and an elaborate rota system is developed so nobody will have to overcome their shyness for very long; a twine game is set up on a tablet that will manage most of the sign-up process for new club members! Everything looks good, until the club stand across the path from the HACK club members is revealed –

Episode 5
Crypto Zoology
“What the heck is a Doge Coin?” Emi asked.
“It’s like a Bitcoin, but smaller.” Mispy answered.
“Oh.” Emi paused. “What’s a Bitcoin?”
The club sit around in a low-budget episode, explaining what various cryptocurrencies are. Wait, doesn’t Oh Ex wear a leather jacket with ‘CRYPTO LIFE’ written on the back?!

Episode 6
Locked In Syndrome (Part One!)
After yet again pulling an all-nighter on class computers, the club are reprimanded for ‘sleeping’ on school property and given a strict curfew. The whole club gathers to speak on the topic, going slightly over time to set up some code to compile overnight. Little Cory meets the Custodian on the way to the bathroom – and panics, telling him that everyone has left already – and the custodian responds by locking the club doors! Little Cory has to find a way to free the club with only stuff he can find around the school!

Episode 7
Locked In Syndrome (Part Two!)
Little Cory’s rag-tag gang of helpful volunteers – who resist being called a gang quite assiduously – help to liberate the club from being locked into the clubroom. On the other hand, they’re all familiar faces – including Big Cory, the Anarchy Fairy, the Senior Programmer Yuki, the French Reptile Enthusiast, and even Emi’s Kohai. Wait, why was she hanging around school after hours – and with a bag of apples? And what were the Anarchy Fairy and Yuki even doing here?

Episode 8
Oh Ex’s Feint
The Principal asks to talk to Mispy at the next appointment time – and when he arrives, Oh Ex stalks past him like a shadow! In that moment, she looks down into Mispy’s big, earnest eyes, and smiles a smile that turns his heart to ice! What could she be planning!? Mispy’s imagination runs with terrified possibilities – after all, cryptocurrencies need miners!

Episode 9
Beard Wars
The club’s Linux box falls over – again. Frustrated with it, Ael wonders why they don’t find someone who has a really big beard to take care of it for them. After all, the Senior Programmers’ Club has Richard, who has an enormous beard, and their Linux box probably never fails! A search of twitter finds a bearded Swedish programmer who’s Friend Of A Friend, but he develops webpages. Hang on – what if the club wore fake beards?

Episode 10
Club Excursion
Mispy is startled to realise that the club has funding. That means money. That means they could use that money. The club members, not realising how much – or how little – money is involved discuss the sort of club activities they’d like to do if they could, including a cruise on a Google Smart Ship, a visit to the island of Paxos, and of course, visiting Reddit, so they could burn it. But as each club member suggests things, other club members take over their stories – what about the terrorists on the boat? The viral hydra of Paxos? Fedoras? Scary stuff!

Episode 11
Flash! Mob!

A handful of students are in the club room – before the club starts, but they’re still there! Was this Oh Ex’s plan? Replace the club members with doppelgangers?! The club lurk outside the room, hypothesising terrifying ideas about these strangers! That one is wearing a long coat – maybe he’s a pile of birds in disguise!

Episode 12
Oh Ex’s – Wait, Where’s Shuffles?
The club members gather with their new quorum to address the possibility of Oh Ex taking over the club to slave away mining OhExCoins for her. But they need every member of the executive – which includes Shuffles! Where are they?
It seems that after yet another reminder that they aren’t nearly as much of a programmer as the other HACK club members, Shuffles has a crisis of confidence, and fled. But a chance encounter with a senior programmer’s club member – and her dog – changes the way Shuffles looks at everything!

Episode 13
Screw It, Let’s Have A Party

With the somewhat meagre club funds, the club decide they want to do something small, but also very them. Fifty dollars can buy a lot of sweets and chips! Club members dress up in ‘party’ clothes, and Shuffles brings along their music player – prompting lots of nerd dancing!