HACK! Cute Programmers’ Club, Season 2

Episode list below the fold!

Episode 1
Oh Ex’s Anger!
The club return for the next semester, fresh and renewed, relating their stories about how they spent their various summer breaks. But before they can sit around and exchange fascinating stories of avoiding the sun, the president of the Senior Programmers’ Club, Oh Ex, SLAMS the door open, full of wroth, demanding to see This Orphaned Club! Everyone has to flee!

Episode 2
Prime Senpai Theory
Shuffles and Mispy are caught up in a discussion about who is who’s senpai. Emi, convinced the pair are the same age, asks them to prove who is the elder – which prompts a number of elaborate justifications for what makes one the other’s senpai – and if every senpai was, at one time, kohai to another, greater, senpai!

Episode 3
Uniform Code
Demi’s dress and Emi’s lasso are brought under inspection by a teacher, who asserts that there is a problem with such flagrant exceptions to the school’s uniform code. The remaining club members make a plan to strike at the very heart of this so-called ‘code’ with a Distributed Denial Of Sensibleness attack!

Episode 4
Oh Ex’s Machinations!
A routine meeting with the principal about club attendance brings to light a terrifying realisation! The club’s attendance and membership are being checked on regularly by Oh Ex! The imaginative and easily scared programmers become terrified at what this might signify! The club band together to construct a scheduling system that will make sure they always have a minimum quorum, and also defend against possible robot attacks!

Episode 5
The Fairy Revolution
Yuki returns to the programmers’ club to ask them their help. In exchange for information about Oh Ex’s machinations, she needs someone to deliver a package to Kairi, in her classroom. Unfortunately, Shuffles’ delivery happens at the worst time – just as Kairi stages a coup on her class, seals it off from the rest of the school, and converts the class to an anarchist commune, at least until recess. When other club members come in to try and fix it, things only get worse! But what’s in the package?

Episode 6
The Aelgorithm
Ael develops a nice, simple algorithm to give everyone more appropriate forum avatars – but doesn’t account for what happens when people start behaving more like the image they’re projecting of themselves! Emi thinks she’s a centaur, and Demi thinks he’s a short-sighted bug! Ael, what did you dooooo?

Episode 7
While the club is dealing with the recent arrivals, Emi makes the mistake of googling a term at school that she didn’t realise was lewd – and how lewd it could be! Suddenly panicked that she might besmirch the club, she begins frantic schemes to try and clean the school proxy’s history! But Shuffles and Cath are confused as to what she googled, and Emi refuses to tell!

Episode 8
Oh Ex’s …Senpai?!
Shuffles, sick of the club existing in the shadow of the ever-terrifying super-villain badass hacker goddess Oh Ex, formulates a plan – to try and find a weakness in Oh Ex, and stop her potentially taking over the club (and also commandeering sharks to attack it). But with no clear idea as to how, Shuffles leads the club on a multi-layered investigation, to try and discoverif Oh Ex ever had a senpai!

Episode 9
Senior’s Day
Mispy finds an email in his inbox that was sent to him by mistake, showing a section of code for a program that seems really interesting and useful for integrating scientific paper citations. Fascinated by it, he tries to find who made it – only to realise that it’s one of the Senior Programmers. The super-shy cutie has to muster his courage to visit the Senior Programmer’s clubhouse – and watch as they go about a day full of cute animal pictures, headphone optimisation, the Foxadon’s code-testing dog, and the question of Digital Empathy.

Episode 10
Tweet Mispies
Emi acquires slightly fewer twitter followers than Shuffles, who good-naturedly tries to pick up more followers. Nobody realises that many of the followers are Markov bots made by Mispy – who has to develop more and more sophisticated bots to try and maintain the illusion!

Episode 11
Hack Plays Pokemon!
Convinced that everyone else in the club is the programmer of Twitch Plays Pokemon, club members begin to discuss possible ways to do the same thing but better, using Mispy’s army of Markov bots. In the process, four different internet obssessions are born, culminating in a scene of Demi quietly playing Rokemon Red on an old Gameboy.

Episode 12
Oh Ex’s Turnabout!
Demi trips on the way home and is caught by the dreadful Code Shark Robot Mistress Oh Ex – and the club has to band together to rescue him! But is the Cute Programmers Club prepared for what they’ll find when they visit the Senior Programmers’ Club, together, as one well-coordinated and integrated unit?

Episode 13
Bunny Day Special!
Two new students are coming to join the club, just in time for easter break – and the club decide it’s best to welcome them with a party. The problem is, it’s easter – and nobody is very sure what people do at easter parties. Does everyone have to dress up like bunnies? Why, of course they do!

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