If I Were Peter Molyneux 7

A Seiken-Densetsu-Style Action-JRPG with a party of a dog and a Tsundere. Combat is built around the Tsundere being controlled by the AI while the player issues orders to the dog and its own character, and can influence the Tsundere’s behavior with items. Everything you give the Tsundere – like health restoring items, or damage resistance items, or damage improving items, or items that mandate a particular playstyle – become unnecessary as this character learns to do without your immediate assistance, and gets insulted and angry about the things you keep offering.

“Health potions? You think I can’t dodge, you dumbass?”
“A healing wand? Oh, I see, you think I need special help to heal you?”
“Lockpicks? I’ll show you who needs lockpicks, you butthead.”

The twist is there is one item, randomly determined at the start of the game, that the Tsundere does need and can use. This item, and its related items such as the crafting materials to make it, or the type of bag in which this item is stored, is part of how you show that you care. It’s not limited to the item, though – the items are obtained in familiar, MMO-style ways of crafting and farming, and farming the item the Tsundere likes builds a stat with indicating how happy the Tsundere can be with you.

The dog is there to compensate for the role that neither you nor the Tsundere wind up choosing.

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