Going Shopping

One of the strangest things I have learned in this past year of tweeting is just what I do or say that becomes popular. I can understand some of them; a graph that underscored the immensely damaged relationship racial awareness white Americans have blew up during the Ferguson hashtag.

Sometimes, minor things get large too – a charming picture of an animal with a funny caption. I feel a bit bad about these because, for the most part, I don’t own those pictures. I know hitting only a few hundred people isn’t really a huge deal, and it’s not like I’m making any money in the Eternally Sourceless wing of the internet.

Still, one thing that seems to consistently earn me some attention, and I still don’t know why, is going shopping.

It’s one of the stranger parts of my week. I go to the grocery store, and I take pictures of various things that amuse me, and it seems that my friends – and strangers – just like tuning into it. I don’t think my jokes during grocery shopping are that funny, and it’s not like I go to some exotic or strange space, but… there it goes. I take pictures of things that remind me of my friends – but by and large it’s a one-directional excursion in either subtweeting people I like with foodstuffs.

I don’t get why people like it.

I’m glad they do, no lies! But damn is it weird.

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