Gilbert & Sullivan on Entitled Shitheads

I’ve joked more than a few times on Twitter that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote songs about Twitter but that’s really just selling short that they wrote songs about people, and Twitter has, for all its much vaunted revolution, not really changed or improved anything about how people are, it’s just added ways for us to keep doing what we were already doing. In this case, we’re talking about a particular class of people – entitled shitheads.

The singer in this piece, King Gama is, without a doubt, a shithead. He’s a king, and he’s convinced that what people need in their life is to hear him volunteering information. What’s more, he does so volunteering information that may not be relevant to the conversation. He’s convinced that his contributions are fascinating and people want to experience him, even if they’ve never asked – and all his efforts to consider this fail at the fence of trying to address just why people might not like him. That is to say he’s aware enough to know that he’s hated, but not aware enough of the things he’s doing that are hateable.

So don’t be an entitled shithead. We could work that out centuries ago, but clearly we’re not teaching that lesson enough.

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