Games Journalism


Hey you!

You assholes!

Just a quick check, did you care a living fuck about the Kane and Lynch controversy? Were you there when AAA games publishers were offering raffle tickets to journalists who tweeted praise? What about your stance on Doritos paying for the advertising tie-in for Halo? Did you do something about Mountain Dew doing a World of Warcraft promotion? What is your stance on forced metacritic scores for development crews? Do you notice when games are sold with the word ‘unique’ on the case or the words ‘for the first time ever?’ How about your reaction to Assassins Creed Unity’s fuck-up at E3 when they had a technical director talking to the press and giving incorrect answers?


You didn’t care about any of those?

But you do care about Patricia Hernandez and Zoe Quinn?

Fuck you.

You don’t care about journalism. You couldn’t fucking define journalism, you entitled little shitbabies. Stop talking about this horse-shit nonsense and start financing good journalism and stop rewarding the AAA studios who are doing everything in their power to erode it.

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