Game Pile: Undertale


Undertale is a videogame that exists. It is playable on the PC and purchaseable through Steam, and it does some things that you might not expect. It has a very high metacritic score, and there are lots of people who like it a great deal.

The game uses a simplistic art style and replaces conventional JRPG mechanics with bullet-dodging and rhythm mechanics. As an alternative to conventional combat exists too, where each encounter – even the random ones – has instead a system of actions to do in a particular order, which will make the monster not want to fight. You still have to dodge the bullets though.

It has a soundtrack, which I have been told is quite good. Some points of the game show large pixel-art backgrounds which I thought looked quite nice.

The game has dogs, and skeletons, and some queer folk, and a robot in it, and a lot of people who aren’t me like it a great deal. Broadly speaking, there appears to be a wide appeal to this game, and a culture of fans of this game, who adore it.

I could write thousands of words about what I think about this game, me, as a person.

But it really couldn’t matter less.


You can buy Undertale on Steam.

Buy it if:

  • I don’t know.

Avoid it if:

  • Don’t worry, you kind of can’t?

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