Game Pile: The Solitaire Conspiracy

Hey, here’s some leading text because I want to make more than just the youtube video show up in the tweet, and oh goshy gee! I like this game.

What Was The Plan?

The plan was to play the game up to level 9, record it with OBS taking in my audio. I wanted to leave the cutscenes and just talk about how this game made me feel in an ‘on-the-spot’ way.

How’d That Work Out?

Not great!  Or at least, not as easy as I wanted it to.

First things first, my current mic setup only accepts mono input. It’s a very nice setup and it has a compressor and it seems to be very fancy and it was a gift, but I don’t understand it. It takes in mono audio, and normally, for most programs when I play that back, it’ll play it equally in each speaker.

But OBS takes that input as just the left channel, which I need to address somehow.

That meant the first and simplest plan wasn’t going to work – just one simple ‘mash record, play game, trim in Vegas.’

What I instead did was recorded the audio in Audacity and the video in Vegas at the same time. To make the two pieces of audio line up, I opened with a sync point, then used that to line things up.

I’m glad I did this, though! This meant that my audio and the game audio were separate, and that meant I could dip the game volume when I was talking, and bring it back up so the cutscenes weren’t comparatively whispery.

I edited out a cough (god I hope I only coughed once).

Then I made my intro and outro cards, put them on it.

How’d That Work Out?

This video was really easy to make compared to the essay styles. I was nervous about making it, no lies — I mean, speaking unscripted and emotionally always scares me, in case I say something hurtful or foolish and I need to go back and correct myself — but this video was done in basically one evening, because so little editing work was necessary.

It helps that this game so perfectly lines up with Tricks month – it’s a Solitaire game after all!