Game Pile: Star-Spawned

Star Spawned: Making Nothing

If you want to check out Star-Spawned, here’s the original Tumblr post, and here’s a PDF for those where that link doesn’t work.

Below the fold we have our outline and our thumbnail!

  • Examine the game
    • The deliberately nebulous nature of it
    • The creation of game objects (the terms, the mechanics)
    • Who maintains the game state
    • The use of ceremony
    • Experimentation in ideas like prime numbers
    • You’re at odds with your advancement
  • Where’d I find it?
    • Why look at a game this minor?
    • Source
    • Why I’m hosting it
    • The simplistic tools involved
    • The value in considering simple games
    • Bernard Suits of course
  • Conclusion
    • There’s a horror in speaking and not being heard