Game Pile: Prole

I looked at a game from itch this month, Prole. You will be able to finish reading all of the rules for Prole before you’re done listening to half of this video about it. I think the game is a launching point for talking about the idea of granularity, and for exploring what would I do differently?

Prole - Doing A Lot With A Little

This video was relatively easy to make, once I could find the right material to work with. The process for this was to review the game, take some notes, then record a single unedited stretch of audio of me, talking about it, with both Audacity and Honk working to record the footage of the lip sync.

My system is a little laggy: when I work with Honk I need to line up the audio a little later than the recording thinks. Not sure why, I wasn’t running anything other than Honk.

Anyway, with that recorded, I cleaned up the audacity track, and put them both into Vegas. From there, I then edited the audio and video together; once lined up, I trimmed out sections that don’t quite work. This was very difficult – I need to work on my masking colour I use in Honk because there’s a very pale purple fuzz around the avatar.

From there it was just a matter of adding some details and timing, and then making the thumbnail. It was interesting to do, hopefully the alternate game design ideas was inspiring!