Game Pile: Golden Sky Stories

Even if you’ve no direct interest in helping heal the heart of the grumpy inner-city architect who moved out to your tiny pastoral Japanese town, you should spend some time looking at this game, purely because of what it means to tell a story with such different tools available to you.

Golden Sky Stories - Courage In Comfort

If you’d like the thumbnail, it’s after the fold, to hopefully make it pop up in the twitter preview.

And the notes that formed the basis of this video:

  • The foundation of your expectations
  • What is Golden Sky Stories
  • How does it feel
  • Your point of interface; your character, your connections
  • Connections go both ways; both characters build up
  • GIVE
  • The idea of types of friendship; it is not a simple yes or no
  • The incentivisation of -giving-
  • Rather than dice the game cares about an exchange of gifts; you do not give up your Dream to award Dream, so it does not diminish you.
  • It is not that cops do not exist; it is that whether or not they exist does not matter. If cops should be relevant to the story, it is not a story that should be told in this system
  • A game about being in a place
  • Think about -being- – try to establish a vibe
  • It’s pastoral
  • The game language regularly reinforces that this is a place
  • This must have been hard to translate
  • What can we learn from its mechanics?
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