Game Pile: Channel Trailer 2021

What’s this? This isn’t Game Pile at all? Well, sort of. It’s a video about my Youtube channel, what it’s for and why I use it to put up Game pile articles. It’s meant to double as my channel trailer over on Youtube for those people who don’t come and look at the blog. It’s weird to me to consider that there may be people who watch over there but don’t read over here, but hypothetically, that’s what Youtube is about.

Script follows!

Okay, real quick, who what why where.


Me! Talen Lee. I’m a game maker, writer, podcaster, part-time university teacher, and video maker. I am roughly this many internets old. I’m cis and bi and apparently just saying those things annoys some people I’d rather be too annoyed to spend their time watching my content. Oh and I was raised in a cult.


As I’m fond of saying to students, media studies is just the study of how every human interacts with everything that does or doesn’t exist, all the time, forever. Easy!

At a university, I spend my time presenting to them why these things here (games) are important, and then I spend my casual time explaining to these things (games) why universities are important. The long and short is that games aren’t just commercial products, they’re human culture, and we make them. So I want to talk about how they’re made, the ideas they can let us talk about, and the ways that we use games to make sense of the world around ourselves and be human.


I don’t like how almost all conversations of games go. Is that arrogant? I think most people who talk about games are doing it in a way that is boring and bad. The overwhelming majority of games-talking is bad. Still feels arrogant. Er, anyway, I decided to talk about games in the way I wanted to hear more people do.

I think games get better the more people we include, and that means I want to hear more about different games and see more ways to consider those games. I want to put the tools for making games in the hands of more people, and I want to make the conversations about games recognise them as what they are: another, important part of human culture.


Here on Youtube, but I also have a blog, a twitter, and a patreon.

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