Game Pile And Impending Pokemon

I’m reviewing games, in that vague, general sense Hey, these are good things that are cheap on Steam, honest.. I know they’re not proper reviews, and talk more about the ways I wish reviews were handled than the ways they are. They’re not released in a timely fashion, sometimes I don’t finish the game, and they’re rarely focused on the things conventional reviews think matter.

Things I do like about the Game Pile reviews I’ve done, though, is that they strive to connect the game to other games that the reader might have played or enjoyed. A movie critic brings all the movies they’ve watched into a theatre, and I bring all the games I’ve played into a game review. I felt Hard Reset very keenly in this way, for example.

Thing is, there’s a game coming up that I prrrrobably will get, but in a month or two, that really doesn’t need any kind of review. It’s Pokemon X/Y. You know if you’re going to get it, right? Right.

Chances are, though, like an MMO subscription, Pokemon will consume my game-playing time (though I hope not), and diminish other reviews. I’ve become very fond of how many games I’ve played since City of Heroes closed and the different experiences within.

If Pokemon comes for me… send help.


  1. Nobody can help you when Pokemon comes

  2. We might just help it drag you down.

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