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Be honest, do you prefer when a game tells you you’re a badass supermarine with machine gun powers and rocket fists?

I’m really humming and hawwing around this idea as I design things. I like stories about punching things in the head, especially bad things that make me angry. I like the idea of fighting The Man and The System, and that’s the kind of thing I enjoy reading about. Life would be so much easier if these bad things were actually like, dragons and shit we could beat up.

Am I alone in this? Do you crave games to be gentler and address ideas differently?


  1. I recognize the value of non-violent storytelling but I Also recognize that that’s just not my “thing” I mostly enjoy stories about punching things but I try to support others doing their thing. It doesn’t always have to be you.

  2. I know you enjoy Thomas is Alone, that’s not about punching things.

  3. They were the bad guys and we were the good guys, and they hit the floor with a very satisfying thud.


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