Feeling Exposured

I don’t know if you’re a non-twitter person and therefore are unaware of For Exposure. It’s a twitter account dedicated to promoting and distributing the words of writers and other creative types advertising explicitly for people to do visual art for no pay.

I find this account horrifying to follow but also interesting enough, because it reminds me to always value the work of others. There is one problem in it to me, in that I don’t think I’ve ever asked for Free Work, or offered For Exposure work – I’ve offered my own work for free (indeed, Ex Manus Studios probably got some help out of me), but by and large I think I haven’t been That Guy. The thing that For Exposure keeps showing me though is just how many writers there are out there who are insufferable and horrible people with entitlement up the wazoo.

It isn’t comforting company to be in. Especially now I have some writing under my belt and I feel it’s time to start trying to earn exposure.