Entitlement To Space, Don’t Read The Comments Edition

Fiddling with 90s pop videos yesterday meant I wound up revisiting what seemed to be the only video of Skunkhour’s Home on the internet, which I suppose speaks well and poorly for it. The video is a personal little piece by a woman who made the clip in response to a break-up; so, the clip is interspersed with, well, girly stuff. Happy slogans about growth and positivity, hearts and images that evoke the best of her experience. Included in it is a point where the song refers to sex appeal, and she chose a picture of (what I have to assume) a hunky dude’s bicep.

When I saw this a few years ago, I remembered distinctly seeing a shitty crybaby comment from some dude complaining that this good song that ‘everyone could enjoy’ was being polluted and she ‘should’ have used something more universal to represent that sex appeal, like, say, a woman.

That was a few years ago. It was basically the most personal thing a person put forward and yet that, some random fricking dude decided he needed to come in and correct, so he didn’t have to be bothered by what, the reminder that the creator’s tastes didn’t necessarily align with his?

Anyway, I can’t find his comment any more, but I can see the creator yelling at him to get stuffed.

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