Dream Journal: The What What Eee?

I try not to Dream Journal about the dreams that feature actual people, especially if there’s anything in those dreams that’s more about my subconscious wants and fears than anything to do with the actual people’s espoused views and opinions.


Two nights ago, I had a fucked up dream about a sort of hybrid of a Tycoon style game, a costumed MMO, and a fighter. Specifically, I was in a virtualised space with friends as we rebuilt the entire WWE as if we were creating an MMO. We had to go full spreadsheet manager and construct wrestlers as personalities, looking at introduction spaces and slots for when new characters could be added. And then, most odd of all, which I didn’t realise at first, was that it was a PVP game.

So I was constructing events trying to make major, important, cool looking events… but I didn’t realise other players – AHEM DOC – were capable of setting up conflicts, or refusing to sell my events. Oh sure, people not selling events were bad, nobody got points out of that, but the person who set up the event lost more. And then, I swear, as a turkey in a suit refused to fight to build feuds with a weird HHH knockoff I had who was a buff lady, Robo-Ghandi runs onto the set and chairs the turkey in the back of the head.

Messed up fuckin’ dreams, man.

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