Dream Journal: Superheroes

Always feel vaguely guilty about those dreams where a person I know is involved, but reinterpreted somehow.

It was a prison facility. There were some classic superheroes there, and we spoke. Something had happened outside, and some classic villains were involved too. I was there, along with some friends as reinterpreted superheroic characters. Tony Stark was there, alongside two other Tony-Stark like characters who, I kid you not, were picking on Tony for being such a blatant liberterian fantasy whose powers were only written as narrative extensions of wealth, and rarely dealt with the problems of his medical disability. One of those two characters was a prettyboy who couldn’t walk outside of his power suit. Another was the Iron Angel.

Someone I know was the prison administrator. A sort of strange hybrid of a Vocaloid and Amanda Waller, real hard-ass in authority who saw it as her job to crack down on superpowered individuals. I remember as we escaped, she was in the giant walking mech we used to escape. I remember talking to her about the foundational ideas of superheroics, and how they relate to mythic structures.

I can’t remember much but that I really liked the alternate interpretations of superheroes.