Dream Journal: Fox Game

I dreamt of two videogames distributed online, with no seeming connection but each with online play to ‘manage leader boards.’

One was a very pretty but simplistic game that looked a bit like Ocarina of Time 3DS made with a sort of feltness to the world texture. You played a little semirandomly generated kid who had to wander around a big wide world and solve puzzles to advance to things. You could pull pulleys and lift weights and there were timing puzzles and platforming sections.

The other game had an aesthetic where everything was drawn out of crayon. In this game, you played a fox, using fox senses and abilities to go to places nobody else could. You could go through burrows and sniff things out and hear things from far away, all drawn in this super charming, cute style. And I played, of course, this fox game.

It took a few hours of play for me to realise that as the game opened up and I hit puzzles I couldn’t solve on my own, that the little boy in a hoodie, with blonde hair and clumsy shoes, was in fact, another player.

Can’t remember anything else.