Dream Journal – Data Entry

I dreamt that I was at an office like I used to use when I was in insurance. Same casual dress code. Sandals, MP3 player. I was also a little skinnier which I think is a sign I’m still not happy with my body. It was the same grinding drudge as ever but instead of punching in time sheets and insurance reports, I was sifting through an enormous lotus-notes style database of my friends’ dreams, which were like, handed to me as gigantic clouds of things. Then I put on my headphones and plugged them into the dream, which sat on the desk and shrank while I typed up the dream as it happened.

It was a very odd little experience, made odder by the fact that Elli was there. Periodically he’d leap in and sit on my computer tower, or jump on the footpedal I used to control the speed of the dream.

I signed a release form for each dream, indicating I wouldn’t hold it against my friends, what I saw in their dreams, and how the subject matter of their dreams was all private, but I still saw all my coworkers gossipping about what they saw in the dreams they were processing. They didn’t like that I tried to keep my mouth shut about it.

One of my friends’ dreams needed a special loader so I had to walk across the office with it. It looked like a little cloud made of handcuffs, and it clinked when I walked.

The last thing I remembered before waking was signing a release form saying that I would consider this dream I was currently experiencing entirely fanciful and my paycheque would arrive in a week.