Dream Journal – Christmas Present

Only snippets this time, only shards of memory of a space I can’t quite pull into realness in my memory now.

I’d been saving money to go visit Mispy, something that financially isn’t really viable any more, when it was a Growing Concern. Then I started working on people’s birthday and Christmas presents, and that got very strange and silly – writing a dirty book for two of my friends. Growing a purple fruit in the backyard that had little arms so you could hug it. Crafting a QR code replica in Minecraft pocket edition.

But by far the oddest was that I used a big glass jar of small change to go buy a plane ticket to the USA, where I was on a mission to find Terri Brosius and comission her to read some subtle bullying dialogue, which I was going to record and put on an mp3 player, which I was going to give to another friend for Christmas.

I wound up having to do a real silly fetch-quest chain of events, including grabbing a chicken and jumping off a cliff, to try and get Ms Brosius her lunch, which was the prerequisite for her to do this very silly thing. I never got far enough to hear her saying the things I had apparently written down, because she was arguing with me on the cards as to how to pronounce the name of my friend.

Then I woke up.