Dread Month 2020!

For the month of October, my Story Pile, Game Pile and general posting will be wound around the theme of dread month. Copying from last year, the reason I’m using dread is because I don’t want to exclude some things: It’s not a horror month; criminal history and real world cult stuff isn’t really horror. It’s not a death month, because, well, death isn’t actually a universal element to the things that creep us out. And sometimes, there are things that are the aesthetic of ghosts and ghouls and scary things but isn’t actually very scary, because it’s being used to some other end.

Halloween isn’t a thing here, and more than normal, this is going to be a year where Halloween isn’t a thing. That sucks, and it sucks that people are going to miss out on a ritual that is renownedly fun. That means for us, this month, being a bit spooky, and indulging in spooky movies and sitting inside and shivering to the chill of scary games and scary media is going to be even more important, because it’s a way we can share the kind of fear we can control.

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