Double-Edged Sword

It’s come to my attention that Christians really don’t like talking about their faith in concrete terms, in any environment that is not primarily composed of other Christians talking about the same subject. Like they don’t like the way their religion is judged by people outside it, or the way people who aren’t part of it consider its moral and ethical sentiments, or its historical accuracy, or the many people who have done things using it as a justification.

I think, fellows, that you should think very hard about why that is.


  1. You know, it’s weird. They like to parrot back the argument of respecting religion when it suits them as well. Respecting someone’s rights to their beliefs, aye? But when it comes down to them pointing out how their beliefs are better it sometimes comes around again to it’s okay to poke at these things.

    Not all, but some.


  3. christians don’t like talking about their religion with “outsiders” who are informed about it’s history and mythology. I find they’d prefer to only talk to people like the soon to be converts in Jack Chick tracts

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