Do You Wanna Be My Study Buddy?

Real pretty picture of Nuriko, from Fushigi Yuugi!Four hours ago, I submitted my final essay for my BCM112 class. I’m not crazy about the essay overall, but I think it was decent enough. I’m mainly just happy that it’s passed and over with, because then it’s just three exams, and I’m done for the semester. This is pretty startling!

Last year I did a ‘study buddy’ set of posts where I talked about the ideas in my coming exams. I’m wondering if I should do that again – think it’d be interesting?

Oh, and there’s no major point to using the picture! I just really like it and had it sitting in my \incoming\ while I worked. It’s Nuriko, from Fushigi Yuugi. I don’t actually like Fushigi Yuugi all that much, but I really love the way this artist draws Nuriko. He’s an adorable bishounen, a sort of wholesome crossdresser type character. He’s also an immense brat, which I find massively endearing for no good reason.

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