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Dev - Booty Bounce (Official Music Video)

I don’t know how I wound up here.

I think the thing that blows me out about this clip, which is pretty interesting with the whole static/changing outfits camera stuff? Is that this is a song explicitly called Booty Bounce, and talks about wanting to see her booty bounce, but, somehow the clip never shows up this young woman from behind.

I don’t know, it betrays some lack of confidence in the bouncing of her booty. Especially when you consider the question – “Don’t you want to see this booty bounce?”

Well… well, don’t you?

This transforms this pop song from a tale of debauchery swaddled in the garb of an advertisement-driven sales promotion for a clothing line, into a frantic tale of the masks and personae we wear. She speaks to the audience, giving rise to that persistent scar in our communal consciousness and metaculture of poor self-esteem. Even in the throes of party culture, embracing music and alcohol, there is still the young woman there, standing there, before you, projecting her attitude and opinion as she reaches out and asks you to pay attention to her, to her, the person she really is, with this subtle request.

(Pfft, no, it’s probably just a shallow piece of shit performed by an artist who simply doesn’t want to show her ass.)

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