Deck: Ghostway Blue

This here is a real quick, fun dorky deck I’ve been playing on Magic Online lately.

  • 4x Ghostway
  • 4x Lyev Skyknight
  • 4x Remand
  • 4x Sky Hussar
  • 4x Archaeomancer
  • 4x Azorius Arrester
  • 4x Lone Missionary
  • 4x Sea Gate Oracle
  • 4x Serum Visions
  • 2x Momentary Blink
  • 4x Azorius Chancery
  • 14x Island
  • 6x Plains

The strategy is one I’ve always liked – playing little utility dorks and then taking to the skies for the last few points. Thing that makes this deck a little more scary than most is the way that the Ghostway-Archaeomancer lock works. If you have any of your creatures on the board, with nice comes-into-play abilities, you can use Ghostway to untap all your creatures, save all of them from a nasty combat experience, or a sweep, or removal and you come out of it reactivating all their special abilities.

There are other, better creatures for some of these slots. Do not mistake me on this. The Detainers aren’t quite as cool as I like. Selkie Hedge-mage may be better than the Sea Gate Oracle. You could probably slot into the deck a Man-o’-War style creature, too. The core of the deck is Archaeomancer, Ghostway, and ways to find both. Ghostway at the last check I made, costs about .20 tickets on MODO. This whole deck could probably be scraped together out of draft leavings.

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