Decemberween: Tring Shoe Repair & Key

I do not know anything meaningful about shoes. I am not a fan of shoes, I am not big into commentary on shoes, I am not informed about them as a fetish nor as a consumer product. Shoes, in my life, are things that go on the part of the body I look at the least of all the parts in front of me.

Nonetheless, I have spent quite a lot of time looking at the fairly calm and restful video type that is Tring Shoe Repair & Key Shop’s videos explaining and demonstrating a variety of different things that go into the process of caring for, repairing, and maintaining shoes.

OUR MOST EXPENSIVE REPAIR! | George Cleverley Shoe Repair | Lulu Toe Plates | Fiddle Back Waist

Look, these videos are not amazing. They are not exciting. They are about watching someone basically doing their job, which involves dozens of things I don’t understand, and showing a variety of different ways that that job is done. It’s about showing you something you recognise in an everyday kind of way, and coming to learn about how and why they work the way they do.

It is an interesting channel, it’s very low impact, and there’s some interesting stuff about how a shoe works, and the tools used to take advantage of them.