Decemberween 2022: The Worst Things For Sale

I haven’t mentioned this before?

Surely I’ve mentioned this before, goddamn.

Okay, so The Worst Things For Sale is a daily-sometimes-weekly-as-I-write-this blog that is very simply just finding weird things that you can buy, usually on Amazon, and talking about them. Sometimes there’s a delightful sting of the purely scientific, where the author of the blog goes and does the (sometimes quite basic) math to point out the foolishness of the product, which can be convenient. Sometimes it just points to the product and goes: Really, look at this.

It’s a pretty cynical blog, in that it mostly points out that a lot of products that are ‘of their moment’ age poorly. Another common type of product is specific niche interests that someone is trying to capitalise on and how the people who are into that thing might wind up feeling short-shifted by the products bought for them.

The items are often hilarious out of their context, but what the blog has got going for it in a big way is that the archive is deep: you can just scroll through it, a month at a time and go through years of content while you just laugh your ass off at the variety of weird and horrifying things that some people have tried to put up on Amazon.

The people behind it also made Garbage Brain University and they’ve started a new podcast called Everything Is Real, about conspiracy theories. Uh they also make Toothpaste for Dinner and Married To The Sea and also that one chart joke about doing everything while crying I show my students and –

Look, these people make a bunch of cool stuff. Check out this one for a fun binge read.

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