Decemberween: The Sporadic Phantoms Podcast!

If you want to go into this completely blind, understand that this is a really good drama/ARG podcast about a group of well-intentioned environmentalists based out of California, as their initial exploration of a logging company leads them to confront local politics and the intersections of big companies, greenwashing, and forms of new age group therapy, in the ways this can be abused.

You want to check it out, hearing just that? Go check it out.

There’s more, of course, but I’ll spare you until after the fold. I liked this podcast a lot. If you want to know why, well, that gets into spoilery stuff.

It’s an Animorphs podcast.

It’s an AU fanfic, the podcast being diegetic to the fictional universe of the Animorphs. It’s not the same setting, no no no. After all, by now in our real world timeline, when podcasts are a thing, the Animorphs universe would be dealing with a dreadful invasion of another force of aliens that wasn’t the Yeerks. But instead, this is a dragged-forwards real-world narrative set in a world that is the Animorphs world, with the Animorphs, who it seems are in the ‘now’ of their stories, doing Animorphs stuff, stalking the Visser and dealing with a reworked Chapman.

Our podcast hosts have no clue this is happening.

They are genuinely sincere environmental activists doing an actual podcast, with their decisions about editing and correcting and documenting it, with some recordings of actual events and some recreations, and they have no idea that their entire story is wending around a completely different context. Like, what does a mind-controlling alien parasite narrative look like to people who sensibly would refuse to believe that exists?

This is such a cool premise and it’s executed really well. I haven’t listened to the most recent two episodes yet, but this series has me hooked and I’m looking forward to how they execute on this novel idea.

Again, go check it out.