Decemberween: Overly Sarcastic Productions

2020 was the year of the archive binge for me. It meant looking into spaces where I’d considered checking something out, and not really delved and see what worked out for me.

Youtube archives are always awkward because now the site is so old and channels are similarly vintage, you can run into channels where, at start six or seven years ago, the people who made content for them may have been shitlordy.

Fortunately, in this case, Overly Sarcastic Productions aren’t shitlordy; five years ago, they were just less-elegant in their generally good attitudes about, like, people. Mythology is a fraught space full of conservative takes and tangled up visions of how we record history, and uh, so is history, so a channel full of those things where they’re happy to mention how rapey and creepy things were in the past without dwelling on it is appreciated.

Miscellaneous Myths: Pride Tales

They’ve been at it for a long time and I love the animatic style of simple, personality-driven, wonderful art, and also Blue is there.

Go check it out. Particularly I like their Dionysus explainer:

Miscellaneous Myths: Dionysus

Which feels like a blueprint for the kind of ‘innocuous-seeming, deeply terrifying’ characters I love to play and read about.