Decemberween: Nixie!

This is her twitter avatar as of… like… when I wrote this. If she’s changed it, well, now you can date this blog post like a fuckin’ coin in a coal mine.

Anyway, hey, Nixie. Nixie is my friend. Nixie is also one of those many folk who I think of as ‘unqualified experts,’ on two major fields, with a lot of related knowledge in other, connected fields. Like a girl who knows firearms and watch repair probably knows a thing or two about lockpicking, or at least, knows who to ask. The areas of expertise I talk to Nixie about are planes and guns, with an occasional consult about elegant gothic lolita fashion, because if you haven’t been around my friends, this is an extremely normal overlapping set of interests.

Nixie is…

Nixie is hard to promote.

It’s hard to promote her because she has all these fascinating interests and these great ideas and these cool projects, but, due to Life and Brains and How They Interact, they’re not like, stored up in a great big blog spot where you can just jam there, or a youtube channel. Instead, I have a huge fragmented pile of conversations and a patreon (that I do currently pay into), but I can’t exactly do much more beyond point you at her twitter.

Nixie, this year, has been bounced around through a lot of rough stuff – both happening to her directly, and happening to her friends and partners around her. It’s not ‘private,’ in that she’s spoken about it in public, but I don’t mean to go over this in a big public way.

Nixie is a wonderful, thoughtful, interesting person, someone who I can talk to about a lot of topics that I don’t normally have a handle on, and she recommended to me the excellent Ai: The Somnium Files. Plus, she understands the way anxiety affects the brain, and how important it is that we hang together, you know?

I think Nixie is great, and while she hasn’t made a ton of content this year that you can easily grasp, the stuff she’s making, physical props and extensive threads on ideas like the importance of empire or the way guns actually work, are valuable reading in atypical forms. Sometimes the only way you can tell someone you love them and you’re proud of them these days is to make it really obvious in a third person kinda way.

She’s also a very good writer. Just to explicate that.

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