Decemberween: Lord Ravenscraft

Oh boy it’s another Decemberween post, is Talen going to share another link to his Youtube history for the year giving you an avenue to look at some really interesting media focusing on a specific narrow thing that ties into his personal interests and millenial media context that you wouldn’t think to look at before?

You betcha, and this time, it’s about Animorphs!

Along with Lady Knight the Brave from last year, Lord Ravenscraft is one of those Youtube channels that appeared out of seeming nowhere, with Algorithm’s blessings. He’s made twelve videos as of writing and he has almost 50,000 subscribers. The creator has a background with the Lifehacker grouping of websites, and now this Youtube channel is his current platform that I understand also pays his bills with things like sponsorship deals and all that. Like, whatever, it’s fine.

It’s wild to me, though, because this channel is in some ways a much… better respected… version of things I like doing. Long form explainers on things like the structural values of a piece of long form media, or an examination of cheats in videogames, or the way games are used in movies.

It’s wild to me.

Anyway, success is random, I’m jealous but it’s okay to be jealous. Great channel and long form videos on things I think are interesting. Go check it out.