Decemberween: Caelyn, Agaelyn!

I am once again asking you to pay attention to my cool friend Caelyn.

During a year of Everyone Doing Things Is Finding It Harder To Do (remember when I released a game a month for two years? Christ), Caelyn has been Doing The Things. She’s streaming game development regularly, but what’s more than that, she streams talking about character writing. She’s doing these little chats about conveying character voice through dialogue and that’s really cool. If you’re at all interested in that kind of thing, you should go check out her streams.

Cae is also the creator of the Hindren, something I wrote about earlier this year, if you need a reminder.

And by ‘her streams’ I of course mean Grahu-Robufu, Learned Snapjaw’s streams:

It still blows me out that things like vtuber rigs are possible right now for like, commission and stuff (more on that later). What would be really cool, now I think about it, is for if this smart and cool and very cute friend were to write about that process, what it means to her, and maybe to do it while demonstrating clear character voice and characterisation, like, maybe on some really big popular website people look at and I direct students to for examples what the hey, like say, Polygon.

Oh, Oh, I’m just getting an update: She did that!